About Free Bible Stories for Children

For Your Attention:  Please note that I am no longer adding to this blog so if you follow via  email there will not be any more entries.  To access all the content that is at this blog, instead of following, I would ask that you please bookmark this site so you can come to it when you would like a story, coloring page, psalm, or puzzle and follow the instructions below.  It is my earnest hope that Free Bible Stories for Children will reach many more little ones.

I am very thankful that you have found Free Bible Stories for Children.    The bible stories, psalms,  crafts and some of the puzzles presented here were originally written/drawn by me for my previous website Little Lambs Ministry, but that website is no longer online.   It is not my wish that the materials on that site will no longer be available, and this is the reason for this blog.

The materials are free for parents and Sunday School teachers to print and use.  The stories are based on the King James bible.

Most of the stories have a memory verse,  and questions and answers based on the story.

The materials are located under “Categories” with each story, psalm, craft, coloring page or puzzle located in the appropriate book of the bible.  The feed only shows a certain number of posts, so where you see “older posts” at the bottom, that will lead to more materials in that category.

There are also separate categories for Bible Stories, Bible Coloring Pages, Bible Crafts, Bible Word Puzzles and Psalms for Children.  These categories only show a certain number of posts as well, so where you see “older posts” at the bottom, this will lead to more materials in that category.

If you are looking for a certain story, the easiest way to find it is to use the SEARCH function, or look under the book it is located in, such as “Gospel of John” or in the Bible Stories category.

If you cannot find the story you are searching for, please fill in the comment section and I will try my best to write a story for you and upload it in the appropriate category, or direct you to the link where the story is found..

For best results of the Crafts and Coloring pages, save the image to your computer and print the size you want.

The header for this blog is of my granddaughter attempting to fly her little kite.  It was taken several years ago and both of us have moved to different locations since that time.

Have a wonderful day.

14 Responses to About Free Bible Stories for Children

  1. This a great resource and your drawings are wonderful. God is surely pleased. 🙂
    May I share where to find these with my readers?

  2. Feeding souls is what you do! Thank you for this blog. Melody

  3. Tiara Dobberteen says:

    My name is Tiara and I have a question regarding the use of your coloring pages and stories. Can you please contact me. Thank you.

  4. It is great that you are putting these lesson activities online as a resource for others. Have you ever thought about putting your lessons in a magazine or publishing a book of your lessons?
    Nice work.


    • selah says:

      I have never considered putting the lessons into a book or magazine as I want them to be free to everyone who needs them.. I’m happy you like them. thanks for commenting.

  5. This looks like a fabulous resource for my readers. I’ll enjoy exploring. : )

  6. Thanks for the Reblog. Blessings

  7. leighla93 says:

    This is really great. When I have children of my own, I definitely won’t forget your blog. I’ll pop in from time to time. God bless!

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