John the Baptist – His Birth – Luke 1

In our first story about John the Baptist, we read how the angel Gabriel visited the priest Zacharias, and told him that his wife Elisabeth would give birth to a son who was to be called John.  We read how Zacharias did not believe Gabriel, and was made not able to speak until the birth of his baby son.. and after some time passed, Elisabeth found that she was going to have a baby, and hid herself for five months..

Now when Elisabeth was in the sixth month of carrying her baby, Mary (who was to give birth to the Lord Jesus) came to visit her. When Mary came to the house where Zacharias and Elisabeth were, she greeted Elisabeth, and when Elisabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby inside her leaped! Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost, and she said to Mary “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the baby inside you. Why has the mother of my Lord come to me? Because as soon as my ears heard the sound of your greeting, the baby inside me leaped for joy…..”

After that Mary stayed with Elisabeth for about three months, and then returned to her own house. When it came to the time for Elisabeth’s baby to be born, she gave birth to a son. And Elisabeth’s neighbours and her cousins heard how the Lord showed great mercy upon her, and they were so happy too.

When the baby was eight days old he was named Zacharias after his father, but his mother answered and said “Not so but he shall be called John.” and the people said to her “None of your relatives are called by this name and they made a sign to his father, Zacharias, what the baby should be called. Zacharias asked for something to write on and wrote saying, “His name is John” and they were all very surprised. Zacharias was immediately able to speak and he praised God. All those that lived near them were very frightened, and all that happened was told to all the country of Judea.

Everyone that heard what had happened wondered what the child would be like. And his father Zacharias was filled with the Holy Ghost and prophesied, saying “…, child, shall be called the prophet of the Highest: for you shall go before the face of the Lord to prepare his way, to tell his people the way of salvation by having their sins forgiven through the tender mercy of our God.

And the child grew, and was strong in spirit, and was in the deserts until the day that his ministry began in Israel.

Memory Verse: Luke 1:44 “…as soon as my ears heard the sound of your greeting, the baby inside me leaped for joy!”


1 Who was Elisabeth visited by?  Answer:  Mary, the mother of Jesus

2 What did the people who came want to name the baby?  Answer: Zacharias, after his father.

3 What did Elisabeth say his name was?  Answer: John

4 How did Zacharias say the baby’s name seeing that he couldn’t speak? Answer: He asked for something to write on, and wrote down that the baby should be named John.

5 What happened after Zacharias told them what the baby’s name was to be? Answer: Immediately he was able to speak and he praised God.


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