Baby Jesus is Presented to the Lord – Luke 2

Baby Jesus is Presented to the Lord

When Mary’s baby was eight days old, his name was called JESUS, which he was so named by the angel before he was conceived in Mary’s womb. And after 40 days they brought baby Jesus to the temple in Jerusalem to present him to the Lord, because it was written in the law of the Lord that every firstborn boy child shall be called holy to the Lord.

And they also came to offer a sacrifice according to the law of the Lord, which was two doves, or two young pigeons.   In Jerusalem there was a man in Jerusalem, a just and devout man who was waiting for the Saviour of Israel, and the Holy Ghost was upon him. The Holy Ghost had revealed to him that he would not die before he saw the Lord’s Christ.  He was led by the Spirit to the temple, and when baby Jesus was brought in, Simeon took baby Jesus up in his arms, and blessed God, and said “Lord, now let your servant die in peace according to your word, for my eyes have seen your salvation, a light for the Gentiles, and the glory of your people Israel.

Joseph and baby Jesus’ mother were amazed at the things which were spoken about baby Jesus. And Simeon blessed them, and said to Mary, his mother, “This child will  cause some in Israel to fall, but many others to rise.  You will have sadness because of him, and he will bring to light the thoughts of many hearts.

Also in the temple was a lady a lady named Anna, who was a prophetess.  She was very old, and had lived with her husband for only seven years, and she had been a widow for about 84 years. She would not leave the temple, but served God with prayer and fasting night and day. And the same instant that Simeon was blessing baby Jesus and Mary and Joseph, Anna came in, and gave thanks also to the Lord, and spoke of the baby Jesus to all those that looked for redemption in Jerusalem.

When all things had been performed according to the law of the Lord, Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus returned to Galilee, to the city of Nazareth.

Memory Verse: Luke 2:29-30 “Lord, now let your servant die in peace, according to your word: for my eyes have seen your salvation.”


1 How many days passed before baby Jesus was brought to Jerusalem?  Answer:  40 days

2 What had the Holy Ghost revealed to Simeon?  Answer: That he would not die before he had seen the Lord’s Christ

3 What did Simeon say when he lifted up baby Jesus?  Answer:  Let your servant die in peace, for my eyes have seen your salvation.

4 Who was the widow lady who was also in the temple?  Answer:  Anna

5 Where did Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus go after that?  Answer: to Nazareth in Galilee


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