The Angels Visit Abraham – Genesis 17 – 18

The Angels Visit Abraham – Genesis 17-18

When Abram was 99 years old, the LORD appeared to him, and said “I am the Almighty God, walk before me and be perfect. And I will make my covenant between me and you.”  Abram fell on his face, and God talked with him saying “You shall be a father of many nations, and your name shall be Abraham.   I will establish my covenant between me and you and between you and your descendants for an everlasting covenant, to be God to you and to your descendants after you. And I will give to you and to your descendants after you, the land where you are a stranger, all the land of Canaan for an everlasting possession. And I will be their God. You shall keep my covenant, you and your descendants after you in their time. As for Sarai your wife, her name will be Sarah. And I will bless you and give you a son of her.”

And Abraham laughed because he and Sarah were very old. But God told Abraham that Sarah would have a son, and that his name would be Isaac, and that the covenant would be with him and his descendants.

After that, one day Abraham was sitting in the tent door in the heat of the day and he looked up and saw three men standing by him, and he ran to meet them and bowed himself to the ground. And Abraham asked them to stay, and offered to get water to wash their feet and asked them to rest under the tree. And he offered them bread and hospitality, and only after that would they go on their journey. Abraham did not know that two of them were angels, and one was the LORD, because they appeared as men.

And so the men told Abraham to do as he said and Abraham hurried to Sarah and told her to make three cakes, and he got a young calf and asked a young man to prepare it. And he took butter, and milk, and the calf, and set it all down before the angels. And they ate.

And they said to him, “Where is Sarah your wife?” And Abraham said “in the tent.” And one of the men said “Sarah your wife shall have a son.” And Sarah heard it, and she laughed inside herself because she was so old. And the LORD said to Abraham “Why did Sarah laugh? Is any thing too hard for the LORD? At the set time Sarah shall have a son.” But Sarah denied laughing because she was afraid, but the LORD said “No but you did laugh.” And the men got up and looked toward Sodom, and Abraham went with them.

Memory Verse: Genesis 18:14 “Is any thing too hard for the LORD?…..”


1. What are Abram’s and Sarai’s new names? Answer:  Abraham and Sarah

2. What three things did God promise Abram? Answer: that he would be the father of many nations, that he would be given all the land of Canaan, and that he would have a son called Isaac.

3. When the angels appeared, what did Abraham think they were? and why?  Answer: He thought they were men because they looked like men and they ate like men.

4. Why did Sarah laugh? Answer:  Because she heard that she would have a son and she knew she was old.

5. What did the LORD say when Sarah laughed?  Answer:  He said “Is any thing too hard for the LORD?”


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