Joseph Part 2: From Prison to Pharoah’s House – Genesis 40-41

Joseph Part 2: From Prison to Pharoah’s House – Genesis 40-41

In an earlier story, we learned how Joseph was the son of Jacob and Rachel, and how his brothers hated him very much because they knew that their father loved him the most, and because Joseph dreamed a dream in which the brothers bowed down to him.

One day when the brothers were out tending their father’s sheep and Joseph came to them, they threw him in a pit and deceived their father into thinking that Joseph was dead. Joseph was sold to a camel caravan and taken to Egypt where he was sold to a man named Potipher. After Potipher’s wife told a lie about Joseph, he was put into prison, but the LORD was with Joseph because He knew that Joseph was an honorable man. Joseph was put in charge of the other prisoners. Two of them were the Pharoah’s butler and baker.

The butler and the baker each dreamed a dream, both in the same night, and they were both very sad. And so Joseph asked them why they were sad, and they told him that they had both dreamed dreams, but there was no one to tell them what the dreams meant, and so Joseph said to them “Doesn’t the meanings of dreams belong to God? tell me them” Joseph is showing them that he believes in God.

And so the butler told Joseph his dream and here it is: In the butler’s dream there was a vine with three branches, and it blossomed and ripe grapes came from the blooms. And the butler took the grapes and pressed them into Pharaoh’s cup and gave it to him. And so Joseph told the butler that his dream meant that in three days, the butler would be once again serving Pharaoh, and then Joseph asked the butler to remember him, and to speak of him to Pharaoh, and he told the butler that he was taken out of his home and now he is in prison, having done nothing wrong.

Then the baker told Joseph his dream, and here it is: In his dream he had three baskets on his head and the birds ate out of the baskets on his head. And Joseph told him that in three days he would be killed.

And three days later both of the dreams came true just as Joseph said they would, but the butler did not remember Joseph to Pharoah as Joseph had asked him to.

Two years after that, Pharaoh dreamed and he dreamed there were seven fat cattle, and seven thin cattle and the thin cattle ate the fat cattle. Then the next night he dreamed that there were seven fat ears of corn and then seven thin ears of corn and the thin ears ate the fat ears. And he was very upset about his dreams, and so he looked for someone to tell him what his dreams meant. Then the butler remembered Joseph and how Joseph had told him about his dream in prison, and so Joseph was brought out of prison to tell Pharaoh what his dreams meant.

Pharoah sent for Joseph and told him his dreams. Joseph said that God was showing Pharaoh what was going to happen. Joseph was always faithful to say that God is in control. He told Pharaoh that there were going to be seven good years with lots of food in Egypt, and then seven years of famine, that is when there is no food and people are starving. Joseph told Pharaoh that God was shortly going to make this happen. And he told Pharaoh to appoint a man and save one fifth of all the food of the next seven years, so that when the famine came, there would be food in storage.

And so Pharaoh put Joseph in charge of all his house and all his people, only Pharaoh would be greater than Joseph, because Pharaoh knew that the spirit of God was in Joseph. And he gave Joseph a new name which was Japhnathpaaneal, and he gave him a wife called Asenath.

Joseph was thirty years old when he became head of Pharaoh’s house. And he stored up all the food necessary to keep the people through the famine. And he had two sons before the famine came. And then the famine came, and all the countries came to Egypt to Joseph to buy food because of the famine.

Joseph Part 3 continues this story.

Memory verse: Gen 41:32…the thing is established by God, and God will shortly bring it to pass.


1. Who did Joseph say the meanings of dreams belong to? Answer: God

2. What happened to the butler and the baker? Answer: the butler became Pharaoh’s servant again, but the baker was put to death.

3. Why was Joseph taken out of prison? Answer: Because Pharaoh had two dreams and the butler told him how when he was in prison, Joseph had told the butler the meaning of his dreams and that it came true.

4. Why was Joseph made the head of Pharaoh’s house? Answer: Because Pharaoh knew that the spirit of God was in Joseph, and that he could be trusted to take care of the people in the famine to come.

5. Who came to Egypt for food? Answer: All the countries, because the famine was in all the land.


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