The Lost Sheep – Luke 15

The Lost Sheep – Luke 15

One day Jesus was speaking to the Pharisees (those were Jewish leaders) and to other people who came to hear Jesus.  He told them this story:

“If there was any man of you that had 100 sheep and one of them got lost, wouldn’t that man leave the 99 that were left in the wilderness and go to look for the sheep that was lost and keep looking until he found it?  And when this man found his lost sheep, he would carry it on his shoulders and be very happy and thankful that he had found it.    When he came home he would  call his friends and neighbors together, and say to them “be very happy and thankful with me, because I have found my sheep which was lost.”

Then Jesus said to the Pharisees and to the people, “so I say to  you, in the same way there shall be great rejoicing in heaven over one person who repents..even more than 99 other people who already believe in Jesus.

To repent means that this person believed that they were a sinner, that they did things they knew they should not be doing, and they did not do things that they knew they should do, and they believed the gospel, that the Lord Jesus Christ shed his precious blood and died on the cross for their sins.  They believed that Jesus was buried and that he rose from the grave and is now in heaven, and they trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior.


1.  Who did Jesus tell this story to?  Answers:  the Pharisees and other people.

2.  How many sheep did the man in Jesus’ story have?  How many got lost?  Answer:  100 sheep, 1 got lost

3.  What did the man do with the 99 sheep who were left?  Answer:  he left them and went looking for his lost sheep until he found it.

4. What did the man do after  he found his lost sheep and after he got home?  Answer:  he called his friends and neighbors together and asked them to be very happy and thankful with him.

5.  What did Jesus say happened in heaven when a person repents?  Answer:  Jesus said there is great rejoicing in heaven over one person who repents, even more than 99 other people who already believed in Jesus.


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