Jesus’ Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem – John 12, Matthew 21

Jesus’ Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem – John 12, Matthew 21

Now it came to pass after Lazarus was risen from the dead that Jesus sent two of his disciples into a village, and told them “when you enter the village you will find a young donkey tied, who no man has ever ridden. Loosen him, and bring him here to me. And if any man asks you why you are loosening him, tell them that the Lord has need of him.” And so those disciples who Jesus went and found the donkey just as Jesus said they would.

They brought him to Jesus, and they threw their clothing upon the young donkey and they sat Jesus on him. And as he went they spread their clothing in the road. And others cut down branches from palm trees, and threw them in the road also, and when they saw Jesus they cried out “Hosanna: Blessed is the King of Israel that comes in the name of the Lord.  Peace in heaven, and glory in the highest. Some of these people were there when Jesus raised Lazarus from the grave and had believed on Jesus as the Son of God, and they had told others what Jesus had done, and so other people came because they had heard of this miracle.

But some of the Pharisees saw how so many people were now following Jesus, and so they told Jesus to rebuke his disciples, but he answered them and told them “I tell you that if these people should say nothing, the stones would immediately cry out.”

When Jesus came into the city of Jerusalem everyone wanted to know who he was, and those following Jesus said “This is Jesus the prophet of Nazareth of Galilee” And Jesus went into the temple of God and threw out all who bought and sold in the temple and tipped over the tables of those who were collecting money, and those who were selling doves. And he said to them “It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves.” And the blind and the crippled came to him in the temple; and he healed them there. But when the priests and scribes saw the wonderful things that Jesus did, and how they were worshipping him, they were very upset.

Memory Verse: John 12:13…”Hosanna: blessed is the King of Israel that comes in the name of the Lord.”


1. What was special about the donkey that Jesus sent his disciples to get?  Answer:  He had never been ridden by a man

2. Why do you think that Jesus could ride the donkey?  Answer:  Because Jesus is the Son of God and even the animals obey him.

3. Why did a lot of people come to see Jesus?  Answer:  Because they had been present when Lazarus was risen from the dead and they believed that Jesus was the Son of God.

4. What did they say when they saw him?  Answer:  They said Hosanna, Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord.

5. What did the Pharisees think about what had happened?  Answer:  They were very upset because people were worshipping Jesus.

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