Peter Escapes From Prison – Acts 12

Peter Escapes From Prison – Acts 12

There was a king named Herod that wanted to harm the church. And so he killed James, the brother of John with a sword.   When he saw that the Jews were pleased about that, he took Peter and put him in prison, and assigned many soldiers to watch over him, because Herod was going to bring Peter before the people. Peter was kept in prison, but the church prayed continuously to God for him.

The night before Herod was going to bring Peter before the people, Peter was sleeping between two soldiers, tied with two chains, and there were keepers outside the door which guarded the prison.   All of a sudden, the angel of the Lord came to Peter, and a light shone in the prison, and the angel struck Peter on the side and woke him up, saying “Get up quickly,” and the chains fell off Peter’s hands.   The angel said to him “Dress yourself, and put on your sandals.”  So Peter did. Then the angel said to him “Wrap your garment around you, and follow me.” And Peter went out and followed the angel, but he did not understand that this was really happening, he thought that he was seeing a vision.

When they were past the first and the second groups of cells, they came to the iron gate that led to the city, which opened to them by itself! and they went out, and passed through one street, and then the angel left Peter.

When Peter realized what had just happened, he said “Now I know for sure that the Lord has sent his angel, and has brought me out of the hand of Herod, and from going before all the Jewish people.  While he was thinking about what had happened, he came to the house of Mary, the mother of John, whose last name was Mark.  There were many people gathered together praying.  As Peter knocked on the door of the gate, a young woman named Rhoda came to see who it was.  When she knew it was Peter, she was so happy that she did not open the gate, but ran into the house and told how Peter was standing outside the gate. They said to her, “you are crazy”. But she kept insisting that it was true, but they said that it was his angel.

Peter continued knocking, and when they opened the door, they were amazed to see him.  Peter motioned to them with his hand for them to be quiet, and told them how the Lord had brought him out of the prison. And he told them to tell James and the other brethren and then he went to another place.

Now as soon as it was daylight, the soldiers were racing about trying to discover what had happened to Peter.  When Herod looked for him, and did not find him, he examined the keepers of the prison and gave orders that they should be put to death.

And Peter went down from Judea to Caesarea, and lived there.

Memory Verse: Acts 12:11 “…Now I know for sure that the Lord has sent his angel, and has delivered me………..”


1. Why did Herod put Peter in prison?  Answer:  Because he saw that the Jews were happy when James died, so he put Peter in prison too.

2. What was Peter doing when the angel appeared?  Answer:  He was sleeping chained between two soldiers.

3. Can you think of three miracles that happened when the angel went to Peter?  Answer:  The chains fell off, the soldiers did not wake up, and the gate opened on its own.

4. What did Rhoda do when she saw Peter at the gate?  Answer:  She was so happy she forgot to open the gate and ran inside to tell everyone.

5. Why do you think the people in the house didn’t believe her?  Answer:  Because they thought that Peter was in prison.

6. What is wonderful to remember from this story?  Answer:  God is more powerful than kings and soldiers, and he will provide help for his people..also that God answers prayer.


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