A Snake Bites Paul – Acts 28

A Snake Bites Paul – Acts 28

After Paul was shipwrecked, (see the story Paul is Shipwrecked) everyone that had been on the ship arrived safely on the shore of an island called Melita (Malta).

The people were called “barbarians”, (that means they were not Greek or Roman, and they did not understand Greek or Roman customs, and did not know of the Lord Jesus Christ.) But the people of the island were very kind to the people who had been shipwrecked and they showed their kindness by building them a fire because it was raining and cold.  They welcomed everyone that came on shore which was everyone that had been on the ship.

But when Paul gathered a bundle of sticks and went to put them on the fire, a snake came out and bit him on the hand, fastening on to him.  When the people called “barbarians” saw the snake hanging on Paul’s hand, they said among themselves “No doubt this man is a murderer, and even though he has escaped the sea he will not be allowed to live.”   But Paul shook the snake off of his hand into the fire and was not harmed by it.

When the people saw how his hand should have been swollen, or thought that he should have died suddenly, they changed their minds about thinking that Paul was a murderer and said that he was a god.

After that, the father of a man named Publius was very sick from a fever and Paul went in to him and prayed and laid his hands on him, and healed him. So after that other people who lived on the island who were sick with diseases came and were healed by Paul. And they gave him many honours, and when it was time to leave the island, the people provided them with everything that was necessary.

Memory Verse: Acts 28:5 “And he shook off the snake into the fire, and felt no harm.”


1. What was the name of the island Paul landed on?  Answer:  Melita (Malta)

2. How did the people of the island show kindness?  Answer:  They built them a fire and welcomed every one of them

3. What was Paul doing when the snake bit him? Where do you think the snake had been?  Answer:  He had gathered a little bundle of sticks and was putting them on the fire. Probably in with the sticks that Paul had gathered.

4. What did the people say when they saw the snake bite Paul?  Answer:  They said that no doubt he was a murderer, and that even though he had escaped the sea, he would not be allowed to live.

5. What did the people say when they saw that Paul was unharmed?  Answer:  They changed their minds, and said that he was a god.

6. What did the people do when they found out that Paul had healed a man?  Answer:  Other people came that had diseases, and were healed.


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  1. Paul Ondari says:

    This is wonderful ” it shows that when you trust in God’ nothing is impossible

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