The Book of Esther – Part 2

The Book of Esther – Part 2

In Part 1 of the book of Esther, we learned that King Ahasuerus had a feast, and asked his queen Vashti to come to the feast so that everyone could see how beautiful she was.  We learned how she refused, and how Vashti was no longer queen because of her disobedience.  We learned of a Jewish man named Mordecai who had a niece named Esther.. and how the king sent for all the beautiful your girls in the land were to be brought to the palace.  we learned how Esther was taken to the palace, and after a year she was chosen by the king to be his new queen but he did not know that she was Jewish.. Then we learned how a man named Haman wanted to have all the Jews killed because Esther’s uncle Mordecai would not bow down before Haman.  At the end of Part 1  Esther was preparing to go in to see the king, knowing that if he did not receive her, she could be killed.

Part 2 starts with Chapter 5

Now on the third day after Esther and her maidens were fasting, Esther put on her royal garments and stood in the inner court of the king’s house.  When the king saw her, he held out to her the golden sceptre and received her.  The king asked Esther what her request was, and Esther requested that there would be a banquet with the king and Haman there.  The king  told Esther that her request would be given to her.

And so the king and Haman came to the banquet, but Esther desired that they would come to another banquet the next day.  When Haman saw Mordecai, Mordecai would not bow down to him, and Haman was very angry with him, and when he got home he told his friends and his wife that the king had promoted him, and that he had gone to a banquet with the king and Esther, and that the next day there was going to be another banquet. But he was not satisfied because Mordecai would not worship him. And so Haman’s wife suggested that Haman build a gallows, and that he speak to the king so that Mordecai would be hanged because he would not bow down to Haman. And so Haman was pleased about that and built the gallows.

Chapter 6

That night the king could not sleep, and he asked that the book be brought to him that told of all the things that had happened in the land. This was called “the book of records of the chronicles.” And there the king found that Mordecai had discovered a plot by two of the king’s keepers who wanted to kill the king. And so the king asked what honour had been done to Mordecai for his faithfulness. And he was told that nothing had been done.

The next day, Haman came to speak to the king to have Mordecai hung on the gallows, but when he went to the king, the king asked him “What should be done to the man who the king wants to honour?” and Haman thought that the king was talking about him, so he said “Bring the royal clothing which the king used to wear, and the horse that the king rides, and the crown the king wears, and let these things be given to the man the king wants to honour, and let him ride through the street and let everyone be told that this is what is done to the man the king wants to honor.”

Then the king told Haman to do all those things for Mordecai. And so Haman did all those things, but then he went to his house in mourning, and covered his head. And Haman told his wife all that had happened, but his wife reminded him that Mordecai was a Jew and that he would be killed.

Chapter 7

So the king and Haman went to the second banquet, and there Esther told the king that she was Jewish, and that her people were going to be killed, and the king asked by who, and she told the king that Haman was the man who wanted to kill all the Jewish people. And so Haman was hanged on the gallows he had prepared for Mordecai.

Chapter 8

And so Mordecai came before the king, and Esther told the king that Mordecai was her uncle. and she fell down before the king and begged that the Jews would not be destroyed. But the king could not change the order because it was sealed with his seal, and so a new order went out that the Jews in every city should gather themselves together, and fight for their lives, and kill every one who came to fight against them. And so the Jews were filled with joy, and a feast was made, and many people of the land became Jews, because they were so fearful of them.

Chapter 9

And so in the 12 month on the 13th day of the month, the day came for the king’s order to be carried out, which Haman had him make, and the Jews fought against all that would destroy them, and all their enemies were destroyed. And Haman’s sons were killed too. And so the 14th day of Adar became a day of gladness and feasting, because the day was turned from sorrow to joy, and so they made it a day of feasting and joy, and of sending gifts to the poor. And these days were called Purim, and were to be remembered every year, even to this day.

Chapter 10

And the king made a tribute on all the land, and of the greatness of Mordecai, and the king advanced him..and Mordecai was next to king Ahasuerus in greatness among the Jews, and he spoke peace to all his people.

The name of God is not mentioned in the book of Esther, but we know that He is there in many ways…unspoken, but in control of all things that happened to Esther, and Mordecai, and the Jewish people.. Just as he is today, God is in control, and Praise The Lord for that.

Memory Verse: Esther 8:17 “…many of the people of the land became Jews, because they were so fearful of them.”


1. What did the king do when Esther went in to see him?  Answer:  He held out his golden sceptre and received her.

2. Why did the king honor Mordecai?  Answer:  Because it was Mordecai who discovered the plot by his keepers to kill him.

3. Why do you think the king could not sleep?  Answer:  Because the Lord wanted him to read the book and discover what Mordecai had done for him before Haman could have Mordecai hung.

4. Whose name is not mentioned in this book?  Answer:  the name of God.



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