Bible Story Craft – Jacob’s Ladder

Bible Story Craft for Jacob’s Ladder


1. for the stones: gray construction paper, or gray felt pen, paint or crayon or  you could get some real stones that are rounded where Jacob could have rested his head, and which he used to build the pillar.

2. for the ladder, construction paper, color it as you like.

3. for heaven, construction paper, colors the children think heaven would be…

4. for the angels, construction paper, pale yellow felt pen, paint or crayon.


1. take the real rounded stones and place them like a pillow, or trace the stone several times on construction paper, color them gray, cut out and arrange like a pillow.

tell the children how when Jacob left his home he travelled towards Haran and after the sun went down he took the stones that were in that place and made them for a pillow and lay down to sleep. (Genesis 28:10-11)

2. cut out the ladder, paste it on construction paper and color as you like.

tell the children how Jacob dreamed, and he dreamed of a ladder that was set on earth, but its top reached to heaven. (Gen 28:12)

3. cut out the drawing of heaven, paste on construction paper, have the children color it the way they thing heaven would look.

tell the children how the ladder reached into heaven and maybe talk about what they think heaven would be like.

4. cut out the angel, trace it more than once on construction paper, have the children color them pale yellow, and make the angels walk up and down on the ladder.

tell the children how Jacob dreamed that angels of God were coming down from heaven and going up to heaven on the ladder.

5. take the real stones or the cut out stones that were used for the pillow and make them into a pillar.

tell the children how, in the morning, Jacob got up early and took the stones and made them into a pillar, poured oil upon the top of the pillar, and made a vow to God. (Genesis 28:18-22)



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2 Responses to Bible Story Craft – Jacob’s Ladder

  1. Skye says:

    I home school my four children. I know I will enjoy your blog!! It is a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for following me. 🙂 Skye

    • selah says:

      I am happy to have found your blog as well and appreciate very much your following me. I hope that Bible Stories for Children will be useful for you.


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