Bible Story Craft – Joseph in Prison

Bible Story Craft for Joseph in Prison

For this craft you will need:

1. For the cup, grey construction paper or felt pen, crayon or paint.

2. For the grapes, purple felt pen, crayon or paint.

3. For the baskets, white construction paper

4. For the food, whatever color you want

5. For the birds, whatever color you want.


1. Cut out the cup, paste it on grey construction paper, or color it silver, or grey.

2. Cut out the grapes, color them purple.

Explain to the children how when Joseph was in prison two prisoners had dreams and the butler dreamed that he saw a vine with three branches with grapes, and that he had Pharaohs cup, and a pressed grapes into the cup and gave it to Pharaoh. Explain how Joseph told the butler that he was going to be restored to his place in three days, and that Joseph asked the butler to remember him so he could be released too.

3. Cut out the basket, trace it three times onto white construction paper.

4. Cut out the piece of food, trace it as many times as you want, color the pieces as many colors as you want, place the pieces in the three baskets.

Explain how the baker told Joseph about his dream, how he had three baskets on his head filled with food.

5. Cut out the bird, color it as you wish.

Explain to the children how the baker dreamed that the birds came and ate the food out of the baskets. Explain how Joseph told him that he was going to be killed in three days.

Explain how each of the dreams came true as Joseph said, but how the butler forgot about Joseph when he was released from prison.




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