Bible Story Craft – Jesus and the Man With Palsy

Bible Story Craft for Jesus and the Palsied Man


1. For the bed, four pieces of heavy string, cardboard and crayons, whatever color you like.

2. For the palsied man, heavy paper and crayons, whatever color you like.


1. Cut out the bed, paste it on cardboard, poke holes in the handles of the bed, and tie the four pieces of string, each piece to a handle. Let the children color the bed as they like.

2. Cut out the palsied man, paste him on heavy paper, let the children draw a face on him, and color him as they like.

Place the palsied man on top of the bed, explain how the house where the Lord Jesus was, was so crowded with people that the friends of the palsied man had to cut a hold in the roof and let the palsied man down on his bed through the hole in the roof. Have four children take hold each of a piece of the string, and lower the bed. Explain how the Lord Jesus healed the man.




About Vicki

a pilgrim passing through this life looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith.. a person with a simple life who loves photography and living in a quiet place.
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