Bible Story Craft for The Good Samaritan

Bible Story Craft/Activity for The Good Samaritan

For this craft/activity you will need:

1. Five children, one to be the man who was robbed and wounded, one to be the priest, one to be the Levite, one to be the Samaritan, and one to be the innkeeper.

2. 1 popsicle stick

3. Some strips of material

4. For the donkey: piece of cardboard, grey paint, felt pen or crayon

5. For the wounded man: construction paper (He only has one arm and one leg because when you put him on the donkey, you wouldn’t see the other arm or leg.

6. For the coins: gold construction paper.

1. Cut out the donkey, trace it on cardboard, color it grey. Attach the popsicle stick under the belly vertically.

2. Cut out the drawing of the wounded man, trace it on construction paper, have the children draw on bandages where they want to.

3. Cut out the coins, trace them on gold construction paper, or color them gold.

Activity part:

1. Let one child lie down on the ground, pretending to be the wounded man. Let one child pretend to be the priest who sees him and walks by him at a distance.. Let another child pretend to be the Levite who sees him, comes and looks at him, but passes by. Let another child be the Samaritan. Let another child be the innkeeper.

2. Let the child who is the Samaritan take the pieces of material and wrap them around the child who is the wounded man.

Craft part:

1. Let the children paste the wounded man onto the back of the donkey, far enough down so he rests his arm on the donkey’s neck. Then let the child who was the Samaritan take the donkey by the popsicle stick and pretend to walk it carrying the man to an inn. Let the child who is the Samaritan take the two pieces of gold and hand them to the child who is the innkeeper, and tell him to take care of the man, and when he comes back, he will repay the innkeeper.

Explain to the children that the Lord Jesus said that we are to likewise help those who need us. (Luke 10:30-37)




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