Bible Story Craft for Jesus Raises Jairus’ Daughter

Bible Story Craft for Jesus Raises Jairus’ Daughter


1. For the little girl’s bed; cardboard or heavy construction paper, colors you like.. piece of cloth to make a blanket, piece of sponge or cotton ball for a pillow

2. For the little girl; cardboard or heavy construction paper, pencil or pen to draw in the face, colors you like for her hair and dress


Explain to the children how one day, a man named Jairus came to see the Lord Jesus and begged him to heal his little daughter.. tell them how Jairus believed that Jesus had the power to do this.. tell them how while they were going to Jairus’ house they learned that the little girl had died, but that Jesus told Jairus to not be afraid, only believe.

1. Cut out the bed, paste on cardboard or construction paper; color as you like.. put a cotton puff or piece of sponge at the head of the bed for the little girl’s pillow..

2. Cut out the little girl, paste on cardboard or construction paper; draw her with her eyes closed like this:  )   Draw a dotted line across the little girl’s stomach. Place her on the bed, cover her with a piece of cloth for the blanket.

Tell the children that everyone at the house was crying and when the Lord Jesus told them that the little girl was not dead, but sleeping, the people in the house all laughed at him. Tell them that Jesus put everyone except the little girl’s father and mother and Peter, James and John out of the house and they all went in to the girl’s room.

Tell them that Jesus took the little girl by the hand and said “Damsel, I say to you arise!”

3. change the girls eyes to be open by adding another line like this ( above the first line and draw in pupils and color them ..where there is a dotted line on the little girl, fold her there so she will sit up.

Tell the children that immediately the child got up and walked.. that everyone was amazed..




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a pilgrim passing through this life looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith.. a person with a simple life who loves photography and living in a quiet place.
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