Bible Story Craft for The Prodigal Son

Bible Story Craft for The Prodigal Son


1. For the money, gold construction paper, gold paint, felt pen or crayon.

2. For the pig, pink construction paper, or pink felt pen or crayon

3. For the ear of corn, white construction paper, green and yellow paint, felt pens or crayons

4. For the ring, gold construction paper, or gold felt pen, or crayon, also the color for the top of the ring, whatever you like.


1. Trace the money onto gold construction paper, or on other paper, color it gold, as many pieces as you like.

2. Trace the pig onto pink construction paper, or on other paper, color it pink.

3. For the corn, trace the ear on white construction paper, color the leaves green, and the corn yellow.

4. For the ring, trace it onto gold construction paper, cut out the center hole, color the top of the ring whatever color you like for a stone.

Explain to the children how the son wanted his share of his father’s inheritance, and how he left home and wasted all the money on foolish things. Show them the pieces of money, let them play with it, and then take it all away. Explain how a famine came and how the boy had to feed pigs corn, and how that was a shameful thing for a Jewish boy to do because the Jews believed that pigs were unclean. Explain how the boy had to eat the pigs food. Let them pretend to feed the pig with the corn.

Tell how the boy came to realize that he had sinned against his father, and against heaven and how he decided to go home. Explain how his father ran to meet him and hugged and kissed him and gave him a ring and shoes and clothes. Let them put the ring on their finger.

Tell how the older brother was very angry because the father had a big feast for his brother who came home, and how the father said he should be happy because his brother had come home.




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a pilgrim passing through this life looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith.. a person with a simple life who loves photography and living in a quiet place.
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