Bible Story Craft for The Creation

Bible Craft for The Creation


1. Glue sticks

2. Silver glitter

3. Silver and gold foil, or silver and gold paint, or silver and gold felt pens or crayons.

4. Pictures of animals, sea life, and birds cut out from magazines

5. Leaves, flowers, anything that shows the plants of earth.

6. Bowl of water


1. Cut out star, large circle (this is the sun), smaller circle (the moon) and paste on cardboard.

2. Put glue on star, cover with silver glitter, or if you prefer, silver foil, or color silver, you could make more than one star for each child.

3. Wrap gold foil around sun, or paint gold

4. Wrap silver foil around moon, or paint silver.

5. Gather pictures and natural materials and put in order of creation, first the natural things, then the sun moon and stars, then the sea life, then the animals. (Genesis 1:11-25)

Explain to the children how the God created the heavens and the earth, and show the water that the earth was covered with. (Gen 1:2) the natural materials, or maybe you could take the children outside and point out the trees, grass, flowers, things like that. (Gen 1:12) Then show the sun, moon and stars. Maybe you could poke a hole through them and hang them. (Gen 1:16-18) Then show the sea life pictures, (Gen 1:21-22) the animal pictures (Gen 1:24-26) and finally explain how God created Adam and then the woman who was later called Eve.



About Vicki

a pilgrim passing through this life looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith.. a person with a simple life who loves photography and living in a quiet place.
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