Bible Story Craft for Ten Commandments

Bible Story Craft for Ten Commandments


For the tablets of stone, cardboard or heavy construction paper, gray paint, felt pen or crayon.


Cut out the tablets, paste or trace them on cardboard, color them gray. When dry with a thin felt pen, write on the ten commandments, five on each. (Exodus 20:3-17)

Explain to the children how when Moses and the people were in the wilderness, there was smoke on Mount Sinai, and the LORD called Moses up to the top of the mountain. And tell them that the LORD gave Moses the ten commandments, but when Moses was gone for a long time, the people made an idol of a golden calf. and when Moses came down he broke the tablets of stone which were the work of God, and the writing of God. (Exodus 32:15-16) because of the people’s sin. Then tell them that after a time, the LORD told Moses to make two more stone tablets like the first, and that the Lord descended in a cloud and that Moses was with the LORD forty days and forty nights. And this time the LORD told Moses what to write on the tablets of stone, and when Moses came to the people again, his face shone and they told the people all that the LORD had spoken to him. (Exodus 34)




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