Bible Story Craft for The Widow Who Gave Two Mites (Coins)

Bible Story Craft for The Widow Who Gave Two Mites (Coins)


1. For the two mites: gold construction paper or gold paint, felt pen or crayon.

2. For the box: cardboard or heavy construction paper, colors as you prefer.


1. Trace the mites onto the gold construction paper, or color them gold.

2. Trace the box onto cardboard, mark it as with a lid like in the drawing, cut a hole in the top like in the drawing.

Tell the children how one day Jesus was watching when rich man came and put their gift money into the box. And explain how a poor widow woman came and put in two mites (which were coins)

Tell them how Jesus said that the poor widow had given more than the rich man because she gave all she had, and they only gave a small portion of the money they had.




About Vicki

a pilgrim passing through this life looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith.. a person with a simple life who loves photography and living in a quiet place.
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