Bible Story Craft for The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus

Bible Story Craft for The Resurrection of The Lord Jesus


1. For the tomb, you will need a rectangular cardboard box, front larger than the circles, whatever color you wish. Make it so the top of the box can come off later.

2. For the place where the Lord Jesus was laid, a piece of cardboard.

3. For the linen He was wrapped in, either a strip of real cloth, or construction paper, white pain, felt pen or crayon.

4. For the linen neatly wrapped where His head lay, a piece of cloth folded, or a piece of construction paper the size of the square in the drawing.


1. Trace the first circle on the lid of the box, cut it out. This is the entrance to the tomb.

1. Trace the place where Jesus lay on cardboard, place it inside the box. Color the box and the place where Jesus lay as you like.

2. Have a piece of real cloth, or trace the drawing onto construction paper or color the drawing white. Place it lying on the ground next to the place where Jesus lay.

3. Have a square piece of real cloth, or cut a piece of construction paper, white, and place it on the square where Jesus lay.

Tape the lid down so the tomb is closed, Do all this before the children come..they must only see the closed tomb.

Explain to the children that after the death of the Lord Jesus on the cross, his body was begged by Joseph of Arimathaea, from Pilate. Joseph took the body down from the cross, wrapped it in linen, and laid it in its place in the tomb.

4. Trace a second circle, a little larger than the first, cut it out, color as you wish, lightly fasten it over the hole in the box so it can be removed.

5. Tell them how Joseph rolled a great stone to the door of the tomb. (Matthew 27:60)

6. Tell the children how Pilate ordered guards be placed at the tomb to make sure no one took the body of Jesus out of the tomb.

7. Tell the children how the angel of the Lord came down and rolled back the stone. Remove the circle from the front of the box.

8. Tell the children how Mary Magdelene and the other Mary came and saw the angel. Tell them how the angel said to them, “He is not here, for he is risen” At this point open the box from the top to show the place where Jesus lay, and the cloth.

9. Tell the children how Mary Magdelene went and told the disciples that the Lord Jesus had risen, tell them how Peter and John ran to the tomb and how John got there first.




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