Bible Story Craft/Activity for Conversion of Saul (Paul)

Bible Story Craft/Activity for Conversion of Saul (Paul)


1. For the light from heaven (Acts 9:3), a flashlight with a bright light.

2. Appoint a child to be the man called Saul (who was later named Paul), appoint others to be the people who journeyed with him.

3. Appoint another person (or the parent/teacher could do this) to be the voice that speaks as the Lord Jesus spoke to Saul.


1. Explain to the children how Saul was journeying to the city of Damascus, because he wanted to have the Christians who believed on the Lord Jesus Christ captured and brought to Jerusalem, men or women. (Acts 9:2)  Tell them how other people walked with him.  Have the children walk along as though they were walking to Damascus.

2. Turn the flashlight on and shine it on the child who is portraying Saul.  Have him fall (gently) to the ground.

Tell the children how a light from heaven suddenly shone upon Saul and he fell to the ground and heard a voice saying “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?” and how the Lord Jesus told Saul “I am Jesus who you persecute..” (the parent/teacher will say these words)

Then tell them how Saul was very frightened but he asked the Lord what he should do, and how the Lord told him to go to Damascus. Tell them how Saul was blinded, but he was led to Damascus to a man named Ananias, and Saul was healed of his blindness and filled with the Holy Spirit.  Have the child portraying Saul and the parent/teacher say these words if you choose.  Have the other children lead the child portraying the now blind Saul away.

Tell the children how Saul became Paul, and became the apostle to the Gentiles.. (Acts 9.)

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