Bible Story Craft for Balaam’s Donkey

Bible Story Craft – Balaam’s Donkey


1. For the donkey: cardboard, heavy construction paper, grey paint, felt pen or crayon. color for the blanket and bridle as you like.

2. For Balaam’s staff: a long slender piece of wood is best, or cardboard or construction paper. Paint, felt pen or crayon as you like.

3. For the angel’s sword: cardboard or construction paper, colors as you like.


1. Trace the donkey onto cardboard or heavy construction paper, color him grey, color his bridle and blanket as you like.

Tell the children how God told Balaam not to go with the men unless they came and called him. Then tell them how in the morning Balaam got up and went with the men even though they did not call him, he disobeyed God.

2. Trace Balaam’s staff on cardboard or construction paper, or have a piece of wood to be the staff. If you are using cardboard or construction paper, color it as you like.

3. Trace the sword onto cardboard or construction paper and color it as you like.

Tell the children how God sent an angel to stand in front of Balaam and the donkey. Tell them how the donkey saw the angel holding a sword and would not go on, but Balaam did not see it and beat the donkey with his staff three times when the donkey refused to go on. Then tell them of the miracle of the donkey speaking to Balaam and asking why Balaam was beating him.

Tell them how God allowed Balaam to see the angel, and that Balaam fell flat on his face before the angel, and confessed that he had sinned.

This story is from Numbers chapter 22.




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