Bible Story Craft for Daniel in the Lion’s Den

Bible Story Craft for Daniel in the Lion’s Den


1. For Daniel, cardboard or heavy construction paper. Colors you like for his clothing, pencil or felt pen to draw in his eyes.

2. For lions, cardboard would be best, or heavy construction paper; gold, yellow or black (for mane) felt pens, crayons or paint.

3. Box with a hole cut in the roof big enough to put in Daniel and the lions.

4. popsicle sticks 1 for each lion, 1 for Daniel


1. Cut out lions, trace as many as you like onto cardboard or heavy construction paper, color them gold or yellow and the male make the mane black. glue the popsicle stick on the back so they can stand.

2. Put them into the box ahead of time.

3. Cut out Daniel, paste on cardboard, let the children draw in his eye (or eyes) color his clothing, paste a popsicle stick on the back so he can stand.

Explain to the children how when Daniel was very old, another king named Darius was king of Babylon. Explain how some men didn’t like Daniel, because they were jealous of him. and how they made the king make an order that if anyone prayed to God instead of to the king, they would be thrown into a den of lions. Tell them how Daniel knew about the order, but three times a day, he continued to pray and give thanks to God.

Then tell them how the men told the king that Daniel prayed to God, and that the king didn’t want to, but he had to have Daniel thrown into the den of lions. Tell them that the king said “Your God who you serve all the time, he will deliver you.

Put Daniel into the box with the lions, and close the hole.

After a bit of time has passed, tell the children how the king spent the night without sleep because he was concerned about Daniel, and that very early the next morning he went to the den of lions, and said “O Daniel, servant of the living God, is your God who you serve all the time able to deliver you?

Then open the box, let the children look inside to see Daniel still there with the lions.

Tell them how Daniel answered the king “My God has sent his angel, and has shut the lions’ mouths, so they did not hurt me because I was innocent before him, and before you.”

Tell them that the king was very happy, but he made the men who were jealous of Daniel be thrown to the lions instead.

craftdaniellionsden2 craftdaniellionsden1


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