Bible Story Craft for Book of Esther: Esther Becomes Queen

Bible Story Craft for Esther – Part 1 Esther becomes queen


1. For the crown, cardboard or heavy construction paper, gold paint, felt pen or crayon plus colors you like for the jewels on top.

2. For the scroll the King’s order is written on, construction paper; paint, felt pen or crayon in colors you like.


1. Cut out the crown and paste on cardboard or trace it on construction paper, color it gold, color the jewels as you like.

Explain to the children how King Ahasuerus became very angry with Queen Vashti because she refused to appear before the group of people he was dining with. Tell them how Vashti was no longer queen, and how the King put out an order in the land, and that Esther became Queen in Vashti’s place.

2. Cut out the scroll, paste on construction paper, color as you like, put some lines on it to show the writing, roll up both ends.

Explain how a man named Haman became very angry with Esther’s uncle Mordecai because he wouldn’t bow down to him, and so Haman had the King make an order saying that on a certain day all the Jews were going to be killed. Tell them that the King didn’t know that Esther was Jewish, and that Mordecai told her to go before the King…




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