Bible Story Craft for Esther Part 2

Bible Craft for Esther – Part 2

The Golden Sceptre, the Banquet and Justice


1. For the golden sceptre, cardboard or heavy construction paper, gold paint, felt pen or crayon.

2. For the banquet food, heavy construction paper, paint, felt pen or crayon in colors you like for the bowls, the food and the cup.

3. For the gallows, cardboard, a piece of rope, paint, felt pen or crayon in brown.


1. Cut the sceptre out, paste it on cardboard or trace it on construction paper, color it gold.

Explain to the children that after three days of fasting (not eating food) Esther went before the King and he held out his golden sceptre to her and asked her what her request was.. Tell them how Esther asked for a banquet where Haman was to attend.

2. Cut out the bowls with food and the cup and trace them onto the construction paper, color them as you like..

3. Cut out the gallows and paste it onto cardboard, put a little piece of rope in the middle of the top of the gallows..

Explain to the children how Esther asked for another banquet after that, and how Haman had a gallows (where they hung people) built for Mordecai because he would not bow down to him. Tell them that at the next banquet Esther told the King that it was Haman that wanted to kill the Jews, and that she was Jewish, and that Haman was hung on the gallows instead of Mordecai.

Tell them that another order went out saying the Jews could defend themselves when the time came that they were to be killed, and that there was made a remembrance feast called Purim that the Jews celebrate to remember what happened.




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