Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith

I believe that all Scripture is given by inspiration of God.

I believe in the Trinity, these being God the Father, God the Son – the Lord Jesus Christ who is God Incarnate, and God the Holy Spirit – the Comforter and Guide of those who are saved.

I believe in the Personality and Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. He has always existed as God. He was present at the Creation, when the heavens and the earth were created in total perfection. He has been manifest on this earth to the saints of old as the Angel or Messenger of the Lord. As God Incarnate He took on human flesh being conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of Mary, her not yet knowing a man. He lived a perfect sinless life, teaching, preaching and healing, sharing the gospel of God’s grace to sinners. He came to die as the ultimate and promised Lamb of God. He was crucified at Calvary, shedding his precious blood as an atonement for sin, then giving up his spirit.

I believe in the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, that he arose from the dead after three days and three nights according to the scriptures. After his resurrection he was seen of many for forty days, until his ascension into heaven.

I believe that Christ is received by grace through faith; By His shed blood which atones for our sin we are accepted before the Father, loved as the Son is loved, and made one with Him. At the time we receive Christ as Saviour, the holy Spirit indwells us.

I believe in the personal return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to this earth to judge men and nations.

I believe that those who have trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation do at death immediately pass into His Presence, and there remain in conscious happiness until the resurrection of the body at His coming, when soul and body reunited shall be with Him forever in a glorified new state.


your thoughts are appreciated.

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